Our preschool teachers are Teacher Althea and Teacher Cheryl.

Our preschool community provides a safe, loving environment for children to learn and grow — one that starts from the premise that children learn best when given the opportunity to freely engage with the world around them.

Regular activities include free play with art projects, sensory exploration, blocks, manipulatives, dramatic play, snack, circle time with stories and songs, tinkering with wood and tools, gardening and large motor play in our outdoor playground. We spend a large portion of our class time outside, rain or shine! Parent learning is supported by in-class experiences and monthly Parent Education meetings.

Multi-age, Play-Based Environment

We offer a multi-age preschool environment both for family flexibility and because of the myriad benefits for both older and younger children. Our Emeritus Teacher Tom explains it here:


We offer 2 enrollment options:

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9:30am – 1pm
  • Tuesday/Thursday from 9:30am-12pm

Families seeking a 5 day a week option may enroll in both classes concurrently.

Our program is for 2-4 year olds. Eligible students will be aged at least 2 as of August 31 of the school year.

Enrollment priority is given to current Woodland Park families, alumni, and North Seattle College Co-op members.

Parent Participation Includes:

  • Working in the classroom one day a week*
  • Holding a co-op job*
  • Attending one evening meeting a month for school business and parent education
  • Enrolling into parent ed class
  • Participating in one annual school cleaning day
  • Participating in fundraising activities
  • Paying fees and tuition

*Families enrolled full time (both classes) work in the classroom two times a week and hold two jobs.

For more information please contact our Parent Coordinator at