My name is Rachel. Our family has loved Woodland Park Co-op since we started here eight years ago. I am thankful that the parents and Teacher Tom are allowing me to teach and learn and grow in a place that is already so special to me.

A little about myself: I have been with my wife of one year for 23 years and we have two girls, one in fifth grade and one in first. We also have four cats and one day hope to have a dog as well.

Before coming to Woodland Park, I worked at Whittier Kids preschool which is run through the Phinney Neighborhood Association. I have also worked and volunteered at Daniel Bagley Elementary school.

I am a graduate of the University of Michigan and am currently gaining more early childhood education knowledge at North Seattle College.

I enjoy reading, drawing, painting, biking and making stuff. My favorite movie is still Star Wars (ugh, A New Hope) and some of my favorite books for kids are Little BearFrog and Toad, the Frances books, Grumpy BirdA Mother for Choco and The Mountain that Loved a Bird.