About Our School

At Woodland Park…

We make and create.

We make art, build, read, grow plants from seeds, act in plays and sing out loud.

We play. A LOT.

We’re outside everyday in our junkyard-style playground. Rain or shine!

We explore.

We take field trips on foot or by bus to see new places and make discoveries.

We build community.

We serve and support each other and our local Fremont community.



At Woodland Park Cooperative School we bring together a diverse array of families who all value free play, getting our hands covered in paint, playing outside everyday, eating fresh veggies off the vine and using real tools. We encourage kids to explore and express themselves freely. Problem solving, independence and creative thinking are all apart of a day’s “work” here.

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The 2s Class

The 3s Class

The 4s-5s Class


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