Each class has a Parent Educator who spends time in the classroom getting to know the children, provides support to families as needed, and facilitates discussion and activities around specific parenting issues during our monthly, evening co-op meetings.



KATIE BECKER, Preschool Parent Educator

Katie Becker has been working with children and their families for over twenty years. Upon completing her undergraduate degree she went on to receive a Masters in Education.  Furthering her education, in 1992 she completed her early childhood education endorsement while working with children and families in inner city Detroit.

Her professional experience has covered a diverse array of early childhood education(ECE) settings: Head Start, The EEU at the University of Washington (Experimental Education Unit), ECEAP (Early Childhood Education Assistance Program), parent educator with North Seattle Community College, childcare centers, cooperative preschool, PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support), and public schools.



Katie GruverKATIE GRUVER, Kindergarten Parent Educator

“I have been working with parents for 7 years in various support, education and coaching roles. I am also adjunct faculty at North Seattle College & Seattle Central College, where I work as a Parent Educator at various preschools (& one kindergarten!) throughout Seattle.

I love working with families because I deeply believe we all need more support in this wonderful and deeply challenging work of parenting. I teach Positive Discipline because it is deeply rooted in respect, both for one’s self and one’s children. I am drawn to the inherent curiosity needed to work with children (as we’re often asking ‘Why are they doing that?’). I believe our children’s behavior is always telling us something; our job is to listen and respond in a way that is both effective and relationship-building.”