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Guest Speaker at WPC

March 8th @ 7:30Pm doors open at 7:00Pm

How Neuroscience is Catching Up with Indigenous Values | Betty Peralta

We have inherited stress from our cultural’s colonialist values. Without realizing it, we are passing that stress on to our children. In this talk, Betty Peralta will introduce you to the neuroscience of stress and explain how balancing our tension-filled colonialist values with nervous system-regulating indigenous values can relieve us from much of the stress of raising children.

 – Learn how to recognize nervous system imbalance.

– Gain nervous system-balancing parenting practices gleaned from indigenous wisdom.

 – Understand a neuroscientific way of approaching childhood stress

– Get indigenous tools for staying connected (and stress-free) in conflict with children.

Betty Peralta, MIT, MS-MHC, IMH-E (III)

Betty Peralta, MIT, MS-MHC, IMH-E (III)

Betty Peralta suspects that indigenous wisdom could be a large part of what will one day heal our world. Betty started her career as a K-12 teacher, where she explored how feelings of belonging, happiness, and confidence improved children’s learning capacity. After seven years of teaching in Seattle and another seven years teaching overseas in The Dominican Republic, Kuwait, and Tanzania, Betty wanted a better understanding of healing human development, so she went back to school and became an infant and early childhood mental health therapist. Today, Betty applies her understanding of what people need to thrive as a parent coach and a trainer-consultant for professionals who work with families. In her practice, Alta, which stands for Alternative Learning and Therapeutic Avenues, she teaches how to use human behavior as a guide for healing relationships, using quality interactions as a primary tool. Betty has a Master’s In Teaching and a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. Both degrees taught her the power of relationships to heal.

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